360° colocation solutions

Aruba data centers are designed, built and managed to offer customers the widest range of colocation solutions possible, from parts of a rack to the whole dedicated data center.

We’re not simply offering a cutting-edge physical infrastructure on which to host your servers. Choosing Aruba as a technological partner gives companies of all sectors and sizes the possibility of always having a provider capable of supplying customized IT services.

We also work with some of the biggest private and public companies in Italy, and offer our services to international Fortune 500 businesses.

Our customers are always challenging us with ambitious, highly specific projects, but thanks to the size and modernity of our data centers, the expertise of our Solution Architects and our approach to managing customers, we have always managed to provide a solution they are happy with.

Standard colocation

Simple and affordable, the Standard Colocation service offers space dedicated to the customer's servers, from ¼ of a rack to whole cabinets, within a data room reserved for customers.

  • From ¼ of a rack
  • Custom power supply
  • Managed solutions

Private Cage Colocation

Private Cage Colocation is a completely made-to-measure solution offering a section of the data room that is separated from the rest of the room by a metal barrier and can only be accessed by the customer. This solution is ideal for all companies that need to raise their security standards, providing them with a private and isolated physical space in the data room. The customer’s racks are fitted into a metal grill that is locked to guarantee the utmost privacy.

  • Custom size
  • Made-to-measure power per rack
  • Key or pass for private use
  • Access restricted to the customer

Private Data Center Suite

The Private Data Center Suite solution offers a data room dedicated to a single customer. It is designed for companies that, in addition to their considerable requirements in terms of space and power, need the maximum level of physical isolation. The customer is guaranteed exclusive access to the data room, to ensure the utmost privacy and security.

  • Surface area of 1,000 m² (up to 360 racks) for each room
  • Total power per room 1 MW (standard), 1.5 MW (maximum)
  • Access restricted to the customer

Dedicated data center

This solution offers the maximum level of personalization and absolute privacy for the users’ IT infrastructure. Aruba creates the data center together with the customer, offering all the expertise of its design team. The customer can rely on the maximum levels of redundancy and security provided by Aruba's plant design and can benefit from all the best design solutions already available in other data centers within the Group.

With over 90,000 m² of surface area already constructed, 20 years of experience and all the energy, connectivity and security facilities of the largest data center campus in Italy, Aruba is in a position to design a data center to suit any customer.

  • Number and surface area of data rooms can be completely personalized
  • Electrical power can be customized up to 90MW
  • Location within the campus's security perimeter

We design your IT infrastructure with you

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Custom data center solutions

A whole range of solutions to meet your needs 100%, effectively and to your full satisfaction.


Enables the most demanding customers to design, with the help and support of Aruba's expert staff, new virtual and physical infrastructures, or to review and perfect existing systems and environments. Find out more


The development of personalized Disaster Recovery solutions is aimed at those with particular requirements in terms of protection, recovery and data backup, guaranteeing specific recovery times. Find out more


Business Continuity refers to the series of Disaster Recovery and Operational Continuity processes, an efficiency parameter essential for keeping a business operational following a disaster or accident. Find out more


This service offers the monitoring of servers and the constant support of our skilled professional technicians. Find out more

Virtual Private

Aruba's Virtual Private Cloud is a simple and extremely flexible IaaS service that enables you to create a Virtual Data Centre (VDC) with virtual servers, firewalls and networks, with the ability to expand or reduce in accordance with customers' actual requirements. Find out more

Data Center

The ideal solution for quick access to virtual and physical computational and storage resources beyond those of the data center itself, with maximum security. Find out more

IT Infrastructure

With this service you can transfer your data and infrastructure with the assistance of Aruba's expert staff, capable of designing, creating and implementing even highly complex migration projects. Find out more


Aruba's cloud technologies are intended for complete integration between virtual and physical (hybrid cloud), because migration to the cloud is a complex and gradual operation. Find out more

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