Arezzo Data Center (IT1)

Structure and systems meeting or exceeding
ANSI/TIA-942 Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4)

Above-standard resilience and reliability make the ultra-modern Aruba data center the ideal facility for serving customers in Central and Southern Italy. Strategically located right in the centre of the country, boasting ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certifications and ANSI/TIA Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4), as well as interconnecting with the Arezzo Data Center IT2, it is the perfect facility for colocation, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

  • 2N + 1 redundant electrical system
  • Battery buildings and generators separate from the data room
  • Redundant NOC manned 24/7
  • Real-time storage replication in DC IT2

A data hall designed for maximum energy and operational efficiency

The data room, at the heart of the anti-seismic building, is the jewel in the crown, thanks to the design solutions of its equipment and environment, making it the ideal place for running servers and also for the staff who work in it. In terms of network cabling, it is divided into 10 islands of 70 racks, each with its own switch and router. The containment of the air flows prevents cold air from mixing with hot air, thus safeguarding the cooling power and creating a comfortable environment for Aruba employees and customers.

Interconnection with Data Center IT2 Arezzo

The unique characteristic of having two data centers located only a few kilometres apart gives us the advantage of being able to offer services and solutions with unrivalled performance. Our own high-speed multi-fiber cables, running along different road routes, connect the two Arezzo data centers. The reciprocal interconnection offers numerous advantages:

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and security

The two data centers are equipped with Network Operation Centers that are in constant contact and both are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as well as having a "man-down" alarm device.


Storage replication in both data centers means that the customer always has a backup of the data. The interconnection between the two centers allows for real-time replication from one data center to the other.

Interconnection with
the Aruba network

The high transmission capacity of the Aruba data center network means that disaster recovery services can be supplied between the two data centers in Arezzo (IT1 and IT2) and the Global Cloud Data Center, situated a few kilometers outside of Milan.

100% Green Data Center


The data center has been designed to exploit all the possibilities to minimize its environmental impact, without compromising the guaranteed high standards of reliability and performance. It is powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy from sources certified by the European Guarantee of Origin (GO) standard. 

  • 100% energy-saving hardware
  • Dynamic Free Cooling system
  • A capacity of 1,000 racks (43,000 physical servers)
  • Power per rack of up to 40 kW (made-to-measure)

Optimum efficiency Dynamic Free Cooling

The climate in the area in which the data center is located has allowed us to implement a modern Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC) solution, which saves energy by using the outside air to cool the server room, meaning that the compressor cooling method is only used when absolutely necessary. optimum efficiency dynamic free cooling

Arezzo Data Center (IT1)

Via Piero Gobetti, 96 52100 Arezzo (AR)
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.

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Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4)

The term ‘Tier’ was used for the ANSI/TIA-942 standard until the March 2014 version. In the March 2014 version, the term ‘Tier’ was replaced by ‘Rating’.