Czech Republic Data Center (CZ1)

360° IT solutions and energy efficiency

Situated in Ktiš, in the Czech Republic, the data center CZ1 boasts ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality and security certificates. The data center enables us to guarantee colocation, business continuity, disaster recovery and private cloud services to our customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

A power center consisting of double conversion UPS with 20 minutes of autonomy. Generator units outside of the building with adjoining backup tank.

  • Power supply 1 MW
  • Battery areas separate from the data room
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Connectivity of over 30 Gb/s

Multiple active connections: CE Colo Prague, TTC Teleport Prague,,,,,, Cogent, UPC Business

Two independent data rooms for 5,000 physical servers

The data center consists of a building with a surface area of 1,500 square meters. The two internal data rooms are protected by the strong structure, consisting entirely of reinforced concrete and equipped to host the widest range of colocation solutions.

  • A total capacity of 5,000 physical servers
  • Customer support and service monitoring 24/7

Green Data Center

The data center has been designed to make the most of every possible solution to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible, without compromising the maximum guaranteed standards for reliability and performance.

Optimum efficiency
Dynamic Free Cooling

The Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC) system allows for high energy saving, as it is capable of operating at moderate external temperatures, lower than 16-18°C, climate conditions which occur for a large part of the year in the area of the Czech Republic in which the data center is located. optimum efficiency dynamic free cooling

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