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The new Hyper Cloud Data Center in Rome (IT4) will be compliant with Rating 4 standards and is set to add to Aruba's colocation and connectivity services with the latest business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for companies and Public Administrations. Already in the planning stages, covering an area of 74,000m², fully owned, as well as being connected to the main internet backbones, the data center will boast multiple interconnections with the Arezzo campus (IT1 and IT2) and with the Global Cloud Data Center (IT3). Thanks to all of this, the campus based in Rome (IT4) will enable made-to-measure disaster recovery solutions to be offered along the central-north-south axis of Italy.

    • Surface area of 74,000m² fully owned, with 52,000m² dedicated to the data center, more than 30,000m² of which will accommodate data rooms
    • Up to 30 MW of power, from 100% renewable energy sources
    • Totally ecological thanks to the use of renewable energy, certified by the European Guarantee of Origin scheme (GO Certification), added to which is the fact that it produces its own photovoltaic energy and uses cooling systems with optimized efficiency (free-cooling)
    • Backbone connections to the IT3 in Milan PSP and IT1 and IT2 data centers in Arezzo, plus external internet connections to the North and South
    • Maximum levels of logical and physical security with access control and multiple security perimeters
    • Planned and managed to comply with the following standards: ANSI/TIA 942 Rating 4, ISO 9001, 27001, 14001 and 50001
    • Carrier neutral data center with managed connectivity services, redundant fiber connections and dedicated transport services
    • Office and storage areas available to customers

A secure position in a strategic location

Easily accessible

Direct links to Fiumicino and Ciampino airports as well as to Rome Termini and Rome Tiburtina stations

Renewable energy

Produces its own photovoltaic energy and equipped with optimized efficiency cooling systems

Seismic security

Secure location in terms of earthquakes

Hydro-geological security

Secure location in terms of hydro-geological risks

Your business continuity
starts here

The backbone connections between the Hyper Cloud Data Center (IT4) in Rome and the Milan PSP (IT3) and Arezzo (IT1 and IT2) Data Centers will help develop advanced data backup solutions between the different infrastructures.

The geographical distribution of the Aruba network of Data Centers guarantees geographical disaster recovery solutions from the North to the South of the peninsula.

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Aruba network
The large transmission capacity of the Aruba data center network means that disaster recovery services can be supplied between the two data centers in Arezzo (IT1 and IT2), Milan PSP (IT3) and Rome (IT4).


Business Continuity
The interconnection between the different facilities allows for real-time replication from one data center to the other.


Disaster Recovery
Option to choose the Aruba network for hosting primary or secondary infrastructures, or both, given the geographical location and interconnection between the facilities.

100% Green Data Center


The data center will be designed to exploit all the possibilities to minimize its environmental impact, without compromising the guaranteed high standards of reliability and performance. As with all of Aruba's Data Centers, the Hyper Cloud Data Center will also be powered by 100% renewable energy from the grid, certified by the European Guarantee of Origin scheme (GO).

  • 100% energy-saving hardware
  • Dynamic Free Cooling system
  • Produces its own photovoltaic energy
  • Solutions ranging from individual racks to dedicated rooms

Hyper Cloud Data Center (IT4)

00131 Rome
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.

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Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4)

The term ‘Tier’ was used for the ANSI/TIA-942 standard until the March 2014 version. In the March 2014 version, the term ‘Tier’ was replaced by ‘Rating’.