Disaster Recovery

Data security, infrastructure resilience and guarantee of service continuity are considered a priority right from the design phase of our data centers.

With a presence both in the center (Rome and Arezzo) and in the north of the country (Bergamo), creating geographical Disaster Recovery solutions is easier as we can back up data between both on-premises infrastructures and those hosted in the Aruba data centers.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to meet all company requirements

Depending on the customer's requirements, the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is drawn up taking into account the nature of the different infrastructures that need to be protected.

This allows for precise operational parameters to be defined, such as the RTO (Recovery Time Objective), i.e., the maximum time of disruption to the service, from the start of the disaster until the successful completion of the disaster recovery process, and the RPO (Recovery Point Objective), which is the maximum loss of information that the business process can withstand.

This contingency plan means that the recovery procedures are prepared in advance, according to the level of service required, and certain recovery times can be guaranteed.

Consequently, we are capable of dealing with any emergency that may affect the primary infrastructure and the normal execution of activities, promptly recovering all the systems until services have been restored.

The interconnection between the Bergamo (IT3), Rome (IT4) and Arezzo (IT1 e IT2) technology campuses enables guaranteed redundancy across geographical distances of up to almost 500 kilometers, whilst dedicated connectivity and high transmission capacity allow for geographical Disaster Recovery solutions.

The geographical distribution of the Aruba Data Center network also makes it possible to provide on-premises Disaster Recovery services, whereby the customer can choose the destination Data Center, based on their geographical distance and their production and Disaster Recovery policies.

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