logical and physical security
redundancy of all systems

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Defence and monitoring systems

Vigilanza e Controllo

Surveillance and Control

Anti-intrusion sensors, video surveillance, mantrap with dual authentication mechanism and anti-tailgating systems

NOC 24/365

24/7/365 monitoring

On-site redundant Network Operation Center (NOC) manned 24/7/365, exclusively by our staff

Sicurezza dei dati

Data security

Data protection and management in high-security facilities are ISO 27001 certified

Impianti ridondati

Redundant systems

Totally redundant power center and cooling systems equipped with the latest technology

Backup energetico

Energy backup

Efficient, totally redundant backup areas guarantee maximum reliability when it comes to supply and cooling

Prevenzione incendi

Fire protection

The fact that all plants, environments and independent fire-fighting systems are separated guarantees maximum safety in terms of fire risks

Logical and physical security

  • Security perimeters with CCTV, anti-intrusion sensors and bollards
  • Entry control system into buildings, with metal detectors
  • Security mantrap with two-factor authentication systems
  • Anti-tailgating systems
  • Separate parking for employees/visitors

Risk prevention

  • Areas at low seismic and hydro-geological risk
  • Electrical systems and batteries located in separate purpose-built buildings
  • Systems monitored, cooled and protected against fire
  • Automatic smoke and liquid detection systems positioned in all sensitive areas
  • Inert gas fire suppression and fuel interruption systems in the event of fire

Service continuity

  • UPS, generators and redundant cooling systems
  • Two PDU (Power Distribution Units) per rack cabinet
  • Emergency generators with 48-hour full-load autonomy without refuelling
  • Net Operation Centers manned 24/7 and constantly interconnected
  • Ultra-redundant connectivity systems thanks to agreements with numerous operators

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