The Aruba Data Center technological model

Resilience, modularity and eco-sustainability

Aruba's next-generation Data Centers are designed and built to meet and exceed ANSI/TIA-942-B-2017 Rating 4 standard requirements.  The technological model on which they are based is scalable in all locations, which are specifically chosen in areas that are safe from earthquakes and hydro-geological risks.

All facilities comply with the ISO 27001 standard for information security management systems. The sites produce electricity from renewable sources and use clean energy to ensure they contribute to achieving the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact targets.

Data room spread over three levels with areas dedicated 100% to IT

Highly efficient cooling systems


Efficient air-conditioning containment systems for cooling equipment minimize the loss of cooling capacity: the flow of cold air is channeled from the underfloor inside the individual racks, or in corridors of cold air (Cold Air Containment) or hot air (Hot Air Containment), offering "island" cooling; for both configurations, the air heated by the servers is forced into the upper plenum, a large space above the data room.


Data room spread over three levels with areas dedicated 100% to IT

Floating floor 2 meters deep

The data rooms have a floating floor with a load capacity of 2,400 kg/m² and an underfloor about two meters deep which, as well as allowing efficient circulation of air, has 4 levels of ducting, each one dedicated to different power and connectivity lines: in 2 separate ducts there are 2 room supply lines, while in the remaining ones there are 2 lines of fiber and copper cabling.

This makes it possible to create customized network infrastructures based on the customer's needs.

Technical areas separated from the IT space

For each data room, the cooling thermal converters and the STSs (Static Transfer Switches) that supply the electrical voltage to the mono-powered devices are physically and logistically separated from the IT area. The technical staff responsible for maintenance work can work directly in the two technical corridors where the fully redundant equipment is located on either side of the data room.

Fire protection system ensures safety for personnel and hardware

The fire-protection system for the data rooms is based on an IG 541 inert gas system, a mixture of nitrogen and argon that does not completely saturate oxygen, so flames can be extinguished without being lethal to humans. Silenced gas nozzles have been tested to ensure that the noise generated remains below the threshold required to protect the hard drives stored in the room.

Power center in dedicated building

Energy reaches the power center through multiple separate paths. From here power is distributed to the various data rooms in a modular way using segregated power supply lines.

The power modules, with the various components (including the backup batteries) distributed in dedicated containers, are located in a power center building that is isolated from the data rooms, while the emergency systems are located outside. This physical separation guarantees an additional level of security.


All the systems in the data center are continually monitored by specialist staff using Building Management System (BMS). The performance of each component is kept under 24/7 control to ensure that the whole infrastructure runs properly.

Hardware security

The physical security of the facilities is primarily guaranteed thanks to access controls, anti-intrusion systems and CCTV.

At all entry points, from the entrance gate to locks on individual rack cabinets, authentication systems are in place, with security passes configured according to business need.


Large areas of the data centers and attached power centers produce clean energy via thousands of photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs and exterior with the best exposure to the sun.

In addition, Aruba uses their own hydroelectric plants to produce clean electricity.

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