Arezzo Data Center (IT2)

Strategic location and redundant power supply

The data center is easily accessible from Rome, Milan, Florence and Bologna due to its strategic location in Central Italy, in Arezzo. The colocation services offered are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. The redundant interconnection with our other data center a few kilometres away (IT1) and with the MIX and NaMeX NAP guarantees optimum disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

The power center has been designed with 2N + 1 architecture and is supplied entirely by energy sources certified by the European Guarantee of Origin (GO).

  • Redundant interconnection with IT1 via 96 fiber pair
  • Power center separate from the data room
  • 2N + 1 redundant power system
  • Renewable energy supply

Three independent data rooms with redundant monitoring

The data center has three separate data rooms, each hosting thousands of physical servers. The Net Operation Center is manned 24hrs a day/365 days a year and is constantly connected to its twin structure in the nearby data center IT1.

  • A total capacity of 18,500 physical servers
  • Redundant NOC manned 24/7

Interconnection with Data Center IT1 Arezzo

The decision to have two data centres close together, allowing for real-time duplication of data from one centre to the other, was taken to offer our customers optimum redundancy and high performance levels. The reciprocal interconnection between IT2 and IT1 offers numerous advantages:

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and security

The two data centers are equipped with Network Operation Centers that are in constant contact and both are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as having a "man-down" alarm device.


Storage replication in both data centers means that the customer always has a backup of the data. The interconnection between the two centers allows for real-time replication from one data center to the other.

Interconnection with
the Aruba network

The high transmission capacity of the Aruba data center network means that disaster recovery services can be supplied between the two data centers in Arezzo (IT1 and IT2) and the Global Cloud Data Center, situated a few kilometers outside of Milan.

Green Data Center

The data center has been designed to exploit all the possibilities to minimize its environmental impact, without compromising the guaranteed high standards of reliability and performance. It is powered by electricity from renewable sources certified by the Guarantee of Origin (GO) standard.

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Optimum efficiency
Dynamic Free Cooling

With the low temperatures, the Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC) solution allows us to save energy by using the outside air to cool the server room, meaning that the compressor cooling method is only used when absolutely necessary. optimum efficiency dynamic free cooling

Arezzo Data Center (IT2)

Via Sergio Ramelli, 8 52100 Arezzo (AR)
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.
Estimated average time by car. May vary depending on traffic.

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