IT Infrastructure Migration

The ideal service for companies intending to migrate data and IT infrastructures from their own data center or from their current supplier's data center to one of Aruba's data centers.

The design and implementation support provided by Aruba's engineers guarantees high standards and total security, even in particularly complex cases.

Guaranteed performance and security even for complex systems

Our customers can rely on the support of a team whose members have the necessary range of expertise and skills to deal with the design of the entire operation, its execution and, finally, ensuring that the infrastructure becomes operational in accordance with the customer's timescales and requirements.

The technological systems that make up a modern IT infrastructure present increasingly significant challenges in their design, maintenance and migration to different environments and locations.

Aruba's engineering team can provide design and implementation support for the migration of:

  • Email systems;
  • Virtualization systems;
  • Storage systems;
  • Physical servers and infrastructures;
  • Websites.

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Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4)

The term ‘Tier’ was used for the ANSI/TIA-942 standard until the March 2014 version. In the March 2014 version, the term ‘Tier’ was replaced by ‘Rating’.