Data Center Extension

Thanks to solutions of this kind, a company's IT infrastructure can also grow outside of the company's data center.

The purchase of virtual and physical computational resources, managed in a centralized manner through the tools already being used by the customer with on-premises resources, allows for the creation of new services based on Aruba's data centers.

The power of physical infrastructures combined with the advantages of virtual technologies

The Data Center Extension solution offers the possibility of opting for hybrid cloud solutions, capable of combining physical infrastructures with virtual ones. The initial infrastructure can either be found in the customer company's own data center or in a data center of its provider, whilst the extension takes place on a Private Cloud infrastructure in one of the Aruba data centers chosen by the customer.

The use of hybrid technology enables the customer's platform to interconnect with our Cloud by means of standard integration processes or, if necessary, processes developed ad hoc, merging the infrastructures which can be managed from a single control point.

The hybrid connection can be activated either for customers with a private cloud, or for those who instead have physical infrastructures on their own premises or in an Aruba or third-party data center. The solution provides for the integration of a Private Cloud solution, dedicated to the customer with whole racks on their own premises or in colocation. Specific devices can also be integrated, such as firewalls, dedicated storage, AS/400, HSM and many others.

Aruba's aim is to implement solutions capable of guaranteeing its customers the highest level of interoperability between systems and maximum security, through consolidated mechanisms and solutions specifically designed to offer this type of functionality.

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