Hybrid Cloud

Solutions for integration between physical and cloud.

Aruba's cloud technologies are intended for complete integration between virtual and physical (hybrid cloud), because migration to the cloud is a complex and gradual operation. To find the ideal solution for a company taking its first steps in the cloud, thanks to a team of specialized engineers, Aruba becomes a technology stakeholder.

Hybrid Cloud: how to integrate virtual with physical

The compatibility of Aruba's cloud infrastructure allows for numerous configurations and maximum scalability of the shared resources.

Integration both with on-premise hardware (such as in-house infrastructure) and with outsourced hardware (such as dedicated infrastructure, and with providers other than Aruba Cloud).

  • Cloud and on-premise: possibility to keep services both on the cloud and others on-premise simultaneously;
  • Technical guide: a team of engineers available to customers to direct them toward the solution most suited to their needs;
  • Service ecosystem: numerous additional services (monitoring, DNS management, Certified Email, Disaster Recovery, etc.).

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