IT Infrastructure Design

This service enables you to design, create and manage virtual and physical IT infrastructures, based on your current infrastructures or by creating new ones.

The customer works on the design with an IT solution architect from Aruba's engineering team. There’s no need for businesses to have their own team of infrastructure design experts. This role is outsourced, completely or partly, to our experts.

Entrust us with your needs - we can deal with change together with the right skills

Our experts have gained extensive experience in the design and management of IT architectures on which information systems of different sizes and varying complexities are based. They can be completely responsible for the design, or they can work alongside the customer's IT department as a team.

The skills and expertise offered by Aruba can help you design and create even highly complex infrastructures, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements in terms of functionality, performance and security.

The design can be extended to all infrastructure environments, such as:

  • Physical IT infrastructures;
  • Redundant cluster systems, equipped with enterprise-level storage;
  • Virtualization systems based on the main hypervisors;
  • Mailing systems;
  • Complex hybrid infrastructures;
  • Infrastructures for the provision of streaming services.

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