Energy production

Using our own hydroelectric plants and photovoltaic installations, we produce a substantial amount of renewable energy.

A river of energy

Aruba owns 3 hydroelectric plants on the Brembo river, not far from the Global Cloud Data Center. In addition to the plant attached to the Ponte San Pietro campus itself, 2 further plants slightly upstream, generate clean energy from the same river.

Aruba owns a further 4 hydroelectric plants, one in Lombardy, in Melegnano on the river Lambro, two in Veneto in Chiuppano and Calvene (VI) on the river Astico and the fourth in Friuli, in Pontebba (UD) on the river Fella.

solar power

The buildings of our Bergamo data center campus produce clean energy thanks to photovoltaic panels installed on the entire usable surface that is exposed to sunlight.

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