Cooling only where needed

Whilst it is essential to keep the temperature of hardware under control, cooling the whole area of the data rooms would result in a significant waste of energy.

The system we use for cooling the racks and therefore the servers and other equipment is the result of an extremely efficient containment of the flows of incoming cold air and outgoing hot air. Special ducts ensure that the cold air is only used for the front area of the rack, which is isolated from the data room.

Data center cooling thanks to ground water system

Using groundwater as the main cooling energy source of the Bergamo (IT3) data center campus enables us to reduce energy waste. The main advantage is having a constant temperature of the water which, at groundwater level, remains at around 9°C all year round. On completion of the cooling process and with no chemical alteration, the water is returned to the ground, thus excluding any environmental impact. The completely redundant system can be assisted or replaced by the air/water chillers in the emergency circuit, capable of ensuring the same cooling power as the primary system.

Dynamic Free Cooling

With the low temperatures, Dynamic Free Cooling allows us to save energy by using the outside air, filtered accordingly, to cool the server room. The hot air is expelled from the building via large fans, with electric shutters opening and closing as required. Heat exchangers are located on the roof of the building to reduce noise impact.

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